Rich Culture and History of Moscow

The capital of Russia, Moscow, attracts many tourists for its historical and cultural diversities. This biggest city in Russia is popular for its magnificent buildings, museums, lakes, festivals, and much more. It’s one of the hottest destinations which you can plan to visit on your vacations. Here is a brief guide for the places that are a must visit if you want to explore the ultimate flavor of Moscow.

Museums in Moscow

The wide range of museums in Moscow portrays its history, art, and culture. Some of museums you must include (apart from the world-famous Tretyakov Gallery) in your visit are:

  • State Historical Museum: This museum displays the complete history of Russia from 18th century to current time.  This red building museum is an example of Russian diverse culture.
  • Pushkin Museum: This museum is famous for its world’s best post- impressionist paintings. It has a vast collection of Western art.
  • Yuri Orlov Paleontological Museum: This museum focuses on history and culture of every living thing you can think of. It exhibits the history of human beings, variety of plants, rare animals, and much more.
  • Cosmonautics Memorial Museum: This museum is very attractive for people who are fascinated about space and its history. There are displays for each and every historical part in space exploration may it be the first satellite, dogs in space, and the astronauts.
  • Zoological Museum of Moscow University: The museum has huge collection of natural history. It is the oldest and biggest natural research museum in Moscow. If you want to research or have knowledge of zoological discoveries, the museum is a must visit for you.

Parks to visit in Moscow

The city has vast leisure parks where you can enjoy rides, sports, and just have some fun. Here are some of the famous parks you can visit in your trip to Moscow.

  • Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure: It is the biggest amusement park in Moscow which is famous for its rides and pictorial pond. This place reminds of the historic Moscow when the city was not jam-packed with traffic and buildings. It is a peaceful area to spend a day.
  • Kva Kva Water Park: If you are a water sports fan you will enjoy it here. You can also enjoy the most famous hot air balloon ride over here.
  • Victory Park: This Park was built in 90’s in the region of Poklonnaya Gora. It is considered as a park for celebrations. The people of Moscow enjoy public holidays here.

Other Places to Visit

Some of the other monuments and places that you should include in your visit schedule are:

  • The Red Square: As you hear the word ‘Russia’, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Red Square. This is the foremost destination where every tourist visits on reaching Moscow. The major buildings surround this area such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and State Historical Museum. This place is a must and absolutely worth visiting.
  • The Kremlin: This is the official residence of Russian President. It is considered to be the symbol of Russia and is also one of the tourist attractions.
  • Tretyakov Gallery: If you are interested in Russian art, you should visit this gallery, it is one of a kind and very famous for the works of art it displays.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral: It is world renowned for its architecture. You must visit this place to see the museum inside the church.

Festivals to Enjoy in Moscow

Moscow is famous for its sports and theatre festivals celebrated every year in specified months. If you are visiting this place in the months of festivals, don’t miss the chance to be a part of celebrations. 

  • Golden Dolphin Festival: If you happen to visit Moscow in February then you get a golden chance to enjoy the water sports celebrations.
  • Golden Mask Festival: The best opera and theatre productions are showcased in this festival. The festival is celebrated in March and April.
  • Maslenitsa Festival: If you are interested in old traditions, then you get a chance to see the folk traditions of the Russia. This festival is celebrated for a week in spring. You will find music, food, crafts and a lot from the traditional Russian cuisine.

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